Explore the expanding ZeroTouch® family of high-speed, non-contact metrology and inspection platforms for gears, bores, discs, and complex geometries.

Frost & Sullivan 2020 Best Practices Award

We specialize in high-speed, non-contact inspection and metrology solutions characterized by high repeatability and reproducibility through the integration of custom software, machine vision, multispectral lighting, state-of-the-art sensors, advanced robotics, and precision motion control.

ZeroTouch® ZTM-333

ZeroTouch® Multipurpose Inspection System

A high-speed, non-contact multipurpose metrology platform that inspects parts faster than traditional CMMs.

ZeroTouch® Gear Inspection System

ZeroTouch® Gear Inspection System

A non-contact, 3D inspection system to perform near- or in-line 100% tooth inspection and metrology of gears.

ZeroTouch® Rotational Metrology Platform

ZeroTouch® Rotational Metrology Platform

A precise, high-speed metrology and inspection system for processing rotors and stators in just a fraction of the time versus traditional metrology methods.

ZeroTouch® Surface

ZeroTouch® Surface

A comprehensive white-light interferometry-based product line, best suited for performing rapid, high-resolution, non-contact, 3D surface measurements for a number of applications.

Products & Platforms

Explore our expanding product line of industry-leading, high-speed, non-contact metrology and precision inspection solutions.

AMP 3100

Automated, high-speed metrology system ideal for 100% high-volume precision inspection of small parts.

Defect Detection System

Defect detection platform that uses deep learning technology to detect and classify surface imperfections.

Automated Medical Implant Inspection System

A medical device manufacturer needed an automated inspection system to measure multiple different types of implants and small parts, including screws, hooks, and connectors.

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