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We are experts in precision assembly, automation, and inspection technologies that help companies reduce scrap ratios, perform high-quality inspections of complex geometries, and automate the precision assembly of complex products. By leveraging our vast experience in advanced manufacturing and automation across industry verticals, our contract manufacturing services specialize in low-volume/high-mix (LVHM) for complex platforms, delivering end-to-end support including design, DFX, supply chain management, manufacturing, fulfillment, logistics, field services, and more.

Our Contract Manufacturing service offering makes manufacturing partnerships available to clients with a viable engineering design, but without the manufacturing infrastructure or capacity to bring that design to life. Our partners benefit from world-class production and manufacturing engineering teams that can provide expertise in reviewing BoMs and drawings, recommend alternate sources of component supply, and suggest design improvements to improve manufacturability.

ISO 9001 certification

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Case Studies

Automated Parcel Sortation

One of our largest customers in the Automated Parcel Sortation industry came to DWFritz for help in completing an unique AI-based design of their product. And when the orders started pouring in, they did not have the manufacturing bandwidth to deliver to their forecast. By partnering with DWFritz with our Copy Exact/Contract Manufacturing Operations, we were able to quickly scale up production to assemble, build and ship on a very aggressive delivery schedule.

Battery Manufacturing for Datacenters

With the exploding growth of the Datacenter industry, our customer had established themselves as a superior technology-based provider that would transform the Battery Backup market with their innovative design. Being a startup, our client had very little production resources to scale to meet demand. Within 90 days, DWFritz was able to partner with them and provided facilities, skilled labor and global procurement expertise to deliver hundreds of their finished products on a monthly basis that met/exceeded their demand forecast.

Medical Equipment

A medical equipment tubing supplier came to DWFritz with a forecasted annual increase in demand by over 400%, and did not have enough tube machines to take advantage of surge in demand. DWFritz was able to take their design and produce dozens of a highly complex electro-mechanical system. As a result, they are now taking advantage of the spike In the market and maximizing their business plan profits.

Our collaborative manufacturing team.

Brilliant People Thrive Here

Our collaborative manufacturing team includes experienced mechanical and controls technicians, electromechanical assemblers, manufacturing engineers, production coordinators, project assistants, materials coordinators, and support staff.

Some areas of expertise include :

  • Wiring
  • Panel & frame build
  • Single-micron precision alignment
  • System integration
  • I/O check
  • Power up
  • System debug
  • Pneumatics
  • Crating & delivery logistics
  • Robot integration & teaching
  • Sensor build & alignment
  • Calibration
  • Fixture & tool design
  • Process optimization
  • Build sequencing
  • Make/By analysis
  • Material status
  • Documentation review
DWFritz Europe in Renne, France.
DWFritz state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

World-Wide Operations

With manufacturing facilities located in the U.S. and China, our staff of over 500 employees provide exceptional global support and service. Our world-wide team regularly partners to develop our engineering and manufacturing solutions, cross-train on the latest technologies and products, and share best practices. When you partner with DWFritz, you are partnering with one global team.

DWFritz has established relationships with the world’s leading automation suppliers, working closely with their engineering and development teams to validate and test the most advanced, high-speed equipment. Our global partners keep our engineers up-to-date on the latest technological developments, ensuring we use the most cutting-edge tools and materials. With thousands of systems installed worldwide running at 98% uptime, our operations and logistics teams maintain an ERP system with real-time inventory management capabilities and a centralized service & support database to meet every supply chain or logistics requirement.

U.S. Facilities

  • >200,000 ft² production space
  • 11,000 ft² secure manufacturing space
  • 1,750 ft² calibration lab
  • 1,950 ft² cleanroom
  • 12,900ft² warehouse space
  • 5,600 ft² ITAR facilities
  • 208V and 480V three-phase power
  • Clean dry compressed air
  • House vacuum supply
  • In-house machine shop
  • ISO 7/Fed 209E class 100,000 cleanroom
  • UL 508A Certified for industrial control panels

U.S. Facilities

  • >200,000 ft² production space
  • 11,000 ft² secure manufacturing space
  • 1,750 ft² calibration lab
  • 1,950 ft² cleanroom
  • 12,900ft² warehouse space
  • 5,600 ft² ITAR facilities
  • 208V and 480V three-phase power
  • Clean dry compressed air
  • House vacuum supply
  • In-house machine shop
  • ISO 7/Fed 209E class 100,000 cleanroom
  • UL 508A Certified for industrial control panels

China Facilities

    • 200+ engineers & technicians with capacity to scale rapidly
    • Capable of manufacturing sub-assemblies, system integration, FAT, installation upgrades, and support
    • Currently supporting an installed base of more than 1,700 systems in a 24/7 high-volume production environment
    • Regional warranty & spare parts support

R&D Lab

    • Proof of Principle development
    • Component qualification & calibration
    • Advanced machine vision, lighting, and sensor design & testing
    • Rapid prototyping using 3D printers
    • AI software development for deep learning defect detection
    • High-speed, non-contact metrology platform development
Frames waiting for a range of components from material handling systems to machine vision technologies.
Custom built automation assembly and test systems ready for client delivery.
Our 1,950 ft², ISO7/Fed 209E class 10000 cleanroom.
Our 1,750 ft² calibration lab for component qualification and calibration before assembly and customer delivery.
Our R&D lab for proof of principle development, rapid prototyping, sensor design, and testing.

Case Study

The infographic shows how the DWFritz Contract Manufacturing team analyzed and optimized client drawings and documentation to construct an accurate bill-of-materials during the quoting process for an advanced manufacturing client.


Client Delivery

The client delivered a document package containing 731 complex engineering drawings, but without an electronic Bill of Materials or overall structure. Our team’s goal was to provide a quote for the project in four weeks.


Optimization Process

Our production, engineering, and supply chain teams quickly analyzed and organized the documents into mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic assemblies, and then by subassembly. Digital BOMs were manually constructed and then combined them into a flat BOM for the supply chain team. The cost input was ported into the subassemblies to generate a customer cost breakdown. Technicians and manufacturing engineers reviewed the drawings to provide build time estimates, note issues or obsolete parts, and highlight areas of improvement.


DWFritz Delivers

DWFritz provided a detailed proposal package to the customer, including price break information from our supplies to show how volume pricing could lower their overall unit cost – all within the full quote time.

Build-to-Print value-added infographic