Automotive & e-Mobility

Precision inspection of complex parts, and assembly automation of battery production lines to improve takt times and product quality. 

Our years of proven experience designing precision, high-speed automation and inspection systems fill the need in the automotive and e-mobility industry for high-volume solutions guaranteed to meet quality standards and ensure 24/7 production. We are experts not only in in assembling and testing battery packs and modules, but also in building battery production lines for the EV industry.

Key Applications

  • Brake rotor inspection
  • Stator frames and hairpin inspection
  • Battery pack and module test, assembly, and sort
  • Battery production lines
  • Inverter assembly​
  • Engine block and piston bore inspection
  • Exhaust manifold inspection
  • Powertrain component inspection
  • Body in white and post-painting defect inspection
  • Gear inspection
  • Clutch weld inspection
  • Valve seal inspection


  • High-speed precision automation
  • Non-contact metrology
  • Assembly automation
  • Defect detection
ZeroTouch inspecting an engine bore with a confocal sensor.
ZeroTouch stator inspection.
3D point cloud of stator.
ZeroTouch rotor inspection.

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Advanced Solutions for Automotive & e-Mobility

ZeroTouch non-contact laser inspection of electric vehicle rotor.


DWFritz brings years of experience developing our own vision systems and lighting techniques to measure, inspect, and detect defects. With the tight tolerances required by the EV market, we leverage these technologies to enhance the speed and accuracy of our systems, improving manufacturing yield and quality.

3D point cloud of electric vehicle rotor.

The ZeroTouch® family of non-contact, high-speed metrology and inspection platforms is designed to simultaneously capture and measure multiple part features for rotors, stators, brake disks, and other parts that fit within the measurement envelope. An innovative, production-ready system, ZeroTouch captures and analyzes millions of data points faster than conventional metrology systems by combining multiple non-contact sensors to generate a high-density, micron-level digital twin of the component.


ZeroTouch Rotational Metrology Platform

Our system performs 100% gear inspection with shaft assembly up to 300mm diameter in under 30 seconds, with tolerances between 5-10μm. Optimized to detect and avoid production deviation using real-time measures, the system allows for upstream process adjustments to reduce overall waste. Multiple sensors generate point clouds with 2 million data points for brake discs, performing dimensional and defect inspection in 15 seconds.

Success Stories

ZeroTouch® Application Note: Helical Gears

Our automotive client sought a new solution that would accurately measure all of the helical gears produced in real time.

Battery Cell Test/Sort System

An electric vehicle company needed a pilot production tool to pick and place lithium-ion cells for testing, and sorting good cells from bad cells.