Defect Detection System

A platform powered by deep learning technology that identifies surface imperfections with speed, reliability, and precision.

Smart Inspection in Seconds

The Defect Detection system quickly identifies defective or anomalous defects on complex surfaces using deep learning technology and advanced machine vision, helping manufacturers reduce costs and meet consumer quality expectations.

While traditional machine vision systems use rules-based algorithms and require precise defect definitions, deep learning software learns from images of good and bad parts, reducing the time needed to specify defects and respond to changing requirements.

The system uses custom lighting solutions and fixturing, and can be combined with advanced material handling to enable rapid surface defect detection and qualification.


Deep Learning

Featuring deep learning technology, the system rapidly identifies surface defects on complex surface (specular, shiny, rough, matte, etc.) using advances machine vision.


Flexible Design

The platform is flexibile and can be easily adapted for standalone applications or used within an advanced manufacturing inline application.


Advanced Material Handling

Rapid, non-marring placement and handling of products or parts enable the platform to be used for high-throughput applications.


  • Electronic components and boards

Consumer Electronics

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Electronics

Medical Devices

  • Surgical instruments
  • Dental implants

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible inspection system combining advanced machine vision with deep learning algorithms
  • Surface defect detection distinguishes desired features from anomalies while tolerating natural variations in complex patterns
  • Detects defects on glossy, shiny, or rough surfaces
  • Identifies production defects in real-time, enabling adjustment of upstream processes to reduce waste
  • High resolution camera that optimizes field of view and measurement precision
  • Custom multispectral lighting and strobe controller
  • Easy setup and operation with automatic orientation of part for inspection
  • Custom fixturing and advanced part handling capabilities
  • Provides precise part placement without marring the part surface

Specifications (in current configuration)

Work Volume

203 x 135 x 6 mm (L x W x H)

Coordinate System

X-axis: 600 mm (±2μm repeatability)
Y-axis: 220 mm (±2μm repeatability)
Z-axis: 10 mm (±2μm repeatability)

System Dimensions

112 x 70 x 209  cm (W x D x H)

System Weight

725 kg (1,600 lbs)


Custom strobe, bright field, dark field, coaxial


5 MP (3.45μm repeatability)


  • Barcode reader

System Controllers

High performance industrial PC operator station with touch screen and secondary display screen


Choosing the Right Lighting for High Speed Inspection

Lighting and timing are key factors when measuring parts in high-speed motion. By using short bursts of high-intensity lighting, the vision system effectively freezes motion for inspection.

Smart Cosmetic Defect Detection Increases Productivity

Using deep learning, smart machine vision systems can inspect complex surfaces and parts for cosmetic defects without months of intensive coding, increasing manufacturing productivity, throughput, and quality.

Speed Wins in Contact vs. Non-Contact Surface Profiling

When efficiency matters in surface morphology inspection, non-contact, optical methodologies provide the same measurement results as a conventional contact profiler but in a fraction of time.

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