When Microns and Milliseconds Matter to Your Project

Creating Brilliant Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Established in 1973, DWFritz Automation is a leading global provider of precision metrology, inspection, and assembly solutions for advanced manufacturing. We design, build, and support engineer-to-order automation systems and high-speed, non-contact metrology products, as well as offer world-class build-to-print manufacturing services.

Metrology In Motion

We specialize in high-speed, non-contact metrology platforms and solutions capable of micron-level accuracy and high repeatability.

Automated High-Speed Inspection

Our high-speed inspection systems detect and classify micron-level defects and surface flaws on challenging materials, including specular, transparent, and translucent surfaces.

Precision Automation

We are The Precision Automation Experts. We deliver innovative, industry-leading automation, test, and assembly systems that improve product quality and manufacturing throughput.

Not all automation is the same. Precision automation requires another level of expertise—that’s what defines us. When you need a robust, innovative solution to a complex manufacturing problem, DWFritz Automation is your world-class precision automation partner.

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With manufacturing facilities located in the U.S. and China, DWFritz provides exceptional global support services.

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