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By applying our technical expertise and extensive experience, we design innovative solutions to solve complex challenges across industries.

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As a leading provider of automated inspection, high-speed metrology and precision assembly automation solutions, we provide solutions tailored to each client’s market, environment, and business goals. Our core capabilities allow us serve a wide range of market sectors, such as Aerospace, Automotive and e-Mobility, Consumer Electronics, Energy Storage, Logistics, Medical Devices, Metrology Instrumentation, Precision Manufacturing, and Semiconductors.

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Industries and Applications

Aerospace industry


We understand the requirements of the aerospace industry when inspecting critical components made from challenging materials.

Aerospace industry

Automotive & e-Mobility

Our proven experience designing precision, high-speed systems and production lines for batteries, modules or packs for various form factors help EV and automotive manufacturers bring products to markets faster, improve throughput, efficiencies, and product quality

Aerospace industry

Consumer Electronics

We have deep expertise in designing, and developing high-speed, non-contact manufacturing solutions (full line or modules) designed for the dynamic and competitive consumer electronics market. Our systems have been installed and are operational in several global locations.

Aerospace industry

Energy Storage

We are able to meet the growing needs of the energy storage market by using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, including advanced robotics and material handling, to build innovative designs that enable manufacturers to meet the production demands of this leading-edge industry.

Aerospace industry

Medical Devices

Whether inspecting orthopedic implants such as a knee or shoulder joint, building a high-volume production line for an eye implant, developing a system to manufacture embolic coils, or inspecting heart valves, we help top-tier medical device manufacturers solve some of their toughest manufacturing and quality challenges in order to meet the stringent criteria set forth by the FDA or the market.

Aerospace industry

Precision Manufacturing

We help many Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 manufacturing suppliers across several industry verticals inspect complex high-precision parts, or by designing, developing, and building innovative production systems that increase throughput, improve product quality, and cut costs.

Aerospace industry


Whether it’s a high-volume panel build for a top-tier OEM or building a series of integrated high-precision systems to assemble and process critical components involved in wafer production, we strive to achieve our partners’ production goals in this dynamic industry vertical.

Engineers collaborating on a custom automation build.

Custom Automation Solutions

DWFritz Automation’s mission is to create brilliant advanced manufacturing solutions for our customers. One of our company’s core values is to Find a Better Way, which drives our custom automated solutions to combine cross-industry experience, comprehensive automation design capabilities, advanced high-speed metrology, defect detection technology, and intuitive motion control and material handling systems. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to solve your most complex manufacturing problems across a wide variety of industries. Our industry expertise in designing custom automation solutions to solve such manufacturing challenges seamlessly integrate industry-proven technologies to meet your requirements.


Products & Platforms

Transform Your Production Process

We specialize in high-speed, non-contact inspection and metrology solutions characterized by high repeatability and reproducibility through the integration of custom software, machine vision, multispectral lighting, state-of-the-art sensors, advanced robotics, and precision motion control.


ZeroTouch Gear Metrology System

Gear Metrology System

A non-contact, 3D inspection system to perform near- or in-line 100% tooth inspection and metrology of gears.

ZeroTouch® Linear Metrology System

Linear Metrology System

A high-speed, non-contact multipurpose metrology system that increases accuracy and production for longer more slender parts.

ZeroTouch Rotational Metrology System

Rotational Metrology System

A precise, high-speed metrology system for processing parts such as rotors and stators faster than traditional methods

ZeroTouch Flexible Metrology System

Flexible Metrology System

A high-speed, non-contact multipurpose metrology platform that inspects parts faster than traditional CMMs.


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High-Speed Syringe Assembly

A high-speed tool to orient, lubricate, assemble, and output medical syringes to a packaging line.

Robotic Wire Weaving

An automated system to weave special alloy wires around client-provided cast iron metal disks.

Precision Vision Inspection

A vision system to perform 100% inspection of structural adhesive patterns and die placement.