Mastering Value – How Value Added Value Engineering Can Drive Business Success, Part 2
Aug 31, 2023
Mastering Value – How Value Added Value Engineering Can Drive Business Success, Part 2

VA/VE’s principles of cost efficiency and functional optimization are crucial across sectors like automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and semiconductors. Its adaptability and emphasis on value make it sought-after strategy among industry leaders in these domains.

Welcome back to our exploration of VAVE. In this segment, we’ll focus on the nuances of ‘Value Added’ and shine a light on DWFritz’s distinct approach to VAVE. If you haven’t delved into Part 1, we recommend a quick revisit for foundational insights.

Unpacking Value Added: The Enhancement of Product Worth

Value Added (VA) primarily emphasizes refining the existing products to elevate their market viability. It’s a strategic approach that can be seen most prominently in the assembly phase of manufacturing. This involves the integration of performance-enhancing components, leveraging the benefits of materials pricing arbitrage, and fine-tuning assembly processes.

The essence of VA is its application to products that are already in circulation. Through the VA process, engineers critically reassess the product, employing a wide array of strategies. They might focus on component alternatives, design considerations like ease of assembly, or methods to reduce costs and bolster function. Engineers may also consider incorporating AI based methods in the assembly or production process. The result? An enhanced product that not only meets, but often surpasses its original specifications, making it more commercially appealing.

Furthermore, VA presents opportunities across multiple facets of a product’s lifecycle, from design and engineering to its eventual recycling. Material selection, testing, manufacturing, shipping, installation, customer usage, service, and maintenance-all these areas can be optimized. Often, the initial designs of existing products are bound by stringent timelines. VA, however, offers an avenue to renegotiate costs, especially when ordering in larger volumes, harnessing the power of economies of scale.

 DWFritz’s Distinctive Approach to VA/VE Excellence

At DWFritz, our dedication to delivering unmatched value is unwavering, ensuring our engineering and manufacturing processes consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Our state-of-the-art facilities are uniquely designed with a pro-VA/VE focus. This architecture brings not only efficiency and innovation but also significant cost-savings to our clientele. By centralizing all services under one roof, we’ve optimized the process, ensuring streamlined management and tangible optimizations in production and inventory costs. 

But it’s not just about infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our team of VA/VE specialists, experts singularly focused on maximizing ROI for our clients. Our years of industry experience cement our position as leaders in our fields, offering a level of reliability that’s second to none. Our engineers are staff cross-trained and well versed in all facets of advanced manufacturing and automation, bringing a heritage of 50 yrs to solve our clients advanced manufacturing challenges.

And yet, our journey doesn’t end there. At DWFritz, we’re continually driven by a passion for growth and innovation. We eagerly take on new projects, seeing every challenge as a fresh opportunity to refine our craft and deliver unparalleled solutions. When you choose DWFritz, you’re choosing a legacy of excellence and a future of innovation. 

Concluding Thoughts

In our exploration of value within business and engineering realms, the significance of Value Added and Value Engineering is paramount. VA/VE serves as an essential method to amplify a product’s value, either by enhancing its function or by judiciously cutting its cost. As we navigate the complexities of modern day manufacturing, understanding and effectively employing VA/VE will be vital in consistently delivering products that meet and surpass user expectations, driving us towards unparalleled excellence. 

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