Engineer-to-Order Systems

When you need a cost-effective, robust design for a complex manufacturing challenge, we are your precision automation partner.

We are The Precision Automation Experts

Not all automation is the same. Precision custom automation requires another level of expertise—that’s what defines us.

We specialize in high-speed, precision assembly and test automation for advanced manufacturing. Our world-class engineering and project management teams are recognized in the industry for delivering the most innovative solutions, incorporating our custom software, best-in-class sensors, machine vision systems, robots, dispense equipment, and precision material handling.​

We tackle your most challenging automation problems. Whether it is a single system or an entire line, a challenging process flow that you would like to make more efficient, a new product introduction, or you are grappling with manufacturing efficiencies (high-volume, or low-volume/high product mix scenario)—we are your custom automation partner.


Our Collaborative Process

Our objective is to provide exemplary service to our clients by continually collaborating with their engineering teams. We conduct robust DFM and GD&T analysis to enable 100% inspection (zero-defect) and SPC.


Our Capabilities

Our core capabilities in precision inspection, metrology, and assembly automation enable us to help our clients maximize their ROI and dramatically improve operational efficiencies. Our systems and solutions are capable of submicron accuracy to meet your challenging GRR standards.


Our People

Our vast expertise comes, not only from heavy investments in R&D, but also from the breadth of knowledge our employees bring from decades of experience in a variety of industry sectors.


Download Solution Sheets to learn more about our precision automation solutions.

High-Speed Syringe Assembly

A high-speed tool to orient, lubricate, assemble, and output medical syringes to a packaging line.

Microfluidic Connector Assembly

A system to assemble and laminate microfluidic subassemblies in a six-layer diagnostic medium.

Robotic Wire Weaving

An automated system to weave special alloy wires around client-provided cast iron metal disks.

Ultra-Precision Excise & Attach System

A system to accurately excise and attach individual nozzle plates to a silicon wafer.

Precision Adhesive Dispensing System

A system to dispense precise quantities of adhesive to predefined areas on a wafer.

Wafer Laminating System

A system that combines heat and pressure to process wafers under a proprietary process.

Laser Assembly System

A system to assemble and laser-weld molded plastic atomizer components into finished assemblies.

Precision Vision Inspection

A vision system to perform 100% inspection of structural adhesive patterns and die placement.

Automated Valve Evaluation

A system to test and inspect heart valves for mechanical functionality and surface defects.

A History of Success

For over 45 years, DWFritz Automation has been the trusted partner of many Fortune 500 companies for inspection, metrology, and precision automation solutions. We have built our reputation by collaboratively designing, developing, and building innovative turnkey solutions.

The company has delivered and installed over 2,000 systems worldwide. We take pride in our solutions and global support, and look forward to helping you achieve your manufacturing objectives.

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