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July 12, 2021: Sandvik to Acquire Metrology and Automation Company DWFritz Automation

June 29, 2021: Ambi Robotics Selects DWFritz to Manufacture AI-Powered Robotic Systems for Global Shippers


December 11, 2020: DWFritz Automation achieves 4th place on the Portland Business Journal’s list of Most Admired Companies in the Technology and Technology Manufacturing category.

December 3, 2020: Metrologic Group & DWFritz Announce Commercial and Technical Agreement

August 5, 2020: DWFritz Receives Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award

June 25, 2020: DWFritz Automation, Inc. Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

March 24, 2020: Message from Our CEO Regarding COVID-19


October 9, 2019: DWFritz Metrology Launches Global Build-to-Print Business Segment


September 10, 2018: DWFritz Metrology Launches ZeroTouch®

June 21, 2018: Mike Fritz Wins EY 2018 Award

May 11, 2018: Mike Fritz Selected as Finalist for EY 2018 Awards

 April 9, 2018: DWFritz Expands Corporate Headquarters.



Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine, August 2021, “DWFritz’s ZeroTouch Measuring Platform Enables In-Line Inspection of Rotor-Stator Systems in Under One Minute”

Metrology News, July 2021, “Measurement Platform Inspects Electric Drive Components Real Time”

Controls, Drives & Automation, July 2021, “Rotor & Stator Inspection in Under 60 Seconds”

Manufacturing Journal, July 2021, “Inline Quality Inspection in the Automotive Industry”

Metrologically Speaking, July 2021, “Inspection of Rotor and Stator in Under 60 Seconds”

Process and Control Today, May 2021, “Bringing ZeroTouch Measurement to UK & Irish Manufacturers”


Production Machining, December 2020, “Measure 3D Parts Without Losing Time”

Umformtechnik, November 2020, “Messen ohne Zeitverlust”

BOSS Magazine, September 2020, “Fabricating the World’s Future”

Fastener Technology International, August 2020, “Measure without Losing Time”

messen prüfen automatisieren, August 2020, “Messen ohne Zeitverlust”

Metallhandwerk & Technik, August 2020, “Hochpräzises Messen”

Machinery Market, June 24, 2020, “Inspecting 3-D parts in real time with ZeroTouch”

DeviceMed, June 20, 2020, “Messen ohne Zeitverlust: Dreidimensionale Teileprüfung in Echtzeit”

invision News, June 20, 2020, “Hochpräzise 3D-Teileprüfung in Echtzeit”

News in Industry, June 20, 2020, “Hochpräzises System ermöglicht dreidimensionale Teileprüfung in Echtzeit”

GEARSolutions, June 15, 2020, “ZeroTouch metrology platform processes faster than conventional”

Cal Lab: The International Journal of Metrology, June 4, 2020, “DWFritz Automation Metrology and Inspection Platform”

High Precision Tooling, June 2, 2020, “Three-dimensional inspection of parts in real time”

American Machinist, May 21, 2020, “High-Precision System for Real Time 3D Inspection”

Maschinen Markt, May 20, 2020, “Hochpräzises System ermöglicht dreidimensionale Teileprüfung in Echtzeit”

blechnet, May 20, 2020, “Hochpräzises System ermöglicht dreidimensionale Teileprüfung in Echtzeit”

Metrology News, May 15, 2020, “High-Precision Real Time 3D Part Inspection System”

WORCON, May 4, 2020, “Three-dimensional inspection of parts in real time”

ETMM, April 28, 2020, “Three-dimensional inspection of parts in real time”


Portland Business Journal, April 11, 2018, “DWFritz finds a new, bigger home for its growing business”

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