Precision Manufacturing

Custom precision engineering solutions for the precision manufacturing industry.

Precision part manufacturers around the world seek our help to solve their most complex production challenges. Whether it is building high-speed, inline inspection automation systems; complex material handling and assembly; high-speed, non-contact metrology; precision dispensing; or defect detection, we have the capability to deliver. By leveraging our core strengths, we develop high performance integrated systems that can solve your toughest micron-level manufacturing problems.


  • Precision metrology for complex machined parts
  • Multi-process precision assembly
  • Advanced manufacturing processes


  • Precision picking and placing
  • High-speed motion control
  • Machine vision feedback
  • High-speed non-contact metrology
  • Integration of joining processes (fastening, riveting, welding)
  • Laser processing


5-Blade Lubraplate Assembly System

A consumer product manufacturer needed to automate the process of welding lubriplates onto razor cartridges, inspecting, laser marking, and packaging them for shipment.

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