Charged EV Virtual Conference Presentations

In-Line Inspection of EV Transmission Components

In this session, we will discuss the need for and application of in-line inspection for key transmission components for EVs. Specifically, we will discuss market needs and 3D inspection case studies for inspecting gears, traction motor, brakes and clutches. The case study articulates the need to provide real-time feedback on dimensional and defect information, thereby assisting EV manufacturers to improve part quality and production yields.

High-Throughput Precision Manufacturing of Battery Cells

Experts from DWFritz Automation and Bosch Rexroth discuss the development of a fully automated high-speed battery manufacturing line requiring precision material handling and motion control coupled with advanced web handling to ensure the precise stacking of the cell with micron-level accuracy. The line uses custom software, conveyors, vision systems, defect detection technology, dispensers, laser trimming, and magnetically-driven flexible transport systems to move and process the cells with speed and accuracy.

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