Process Automation

We specialize in high-speed, precision assembly and test automation across various manufacturing applications. 

We are recognized in the industry for delivering the most innovative solutions, incorporating process elements such as precision dispense, welding, and force sensing.​ All of our systems are characterized by precision and speed to enable high throughput and product quality.  

Vision Feedback

We use machine vision feedback systems to precisely orient components within single-digit microns and microradians. Through-beam transmitters and receivers ensure chucks are clear before loading new parts, identification lasers confirm parts remain stable on conveyors, and barcode readers scan part IDs for recipe-driven process customization.

Precision Dispense

We excel at precision dispense applications. Vision systems locate and align multiple components up to 5μm, providing vision feedback for accuracy and repeatability. Multi-head glue dispense systems apply 0.034 microliters of adhesive while vision and confocal systems perform in-situ volume detection and final gap measurements to confirm part quality.

Ultrasonic Welding

We integrate precision touch probes capable of 12.7μm resolution into ultrasonic weld heads to sample points across seams prior to welding. Our systems accurately map lapped seam profiles across materials with nonuniform thickness variations, automatically adjusting and calibrating the height as needed to ensure uniformity.

Plasma Surface Treatment

Using a multi-axis ball screw precision gantry, single- and multi-head dispense systems, UV curing, and laser ablation, our systems precisely dispense nano liters of material as dots, lines, or irregular shapes on edges of connectors without weeping over edges.

Laser Processing

We use laser processing in many applications, including etching, marking, and ablation. Our laser ablation systems precisely remove surface coatings from specific areas of materials, while our etching systems integrate advanced robotics and machine vision to orient, laser engrave, and assemble components into final assemblies.

Force Sensing

We use three-axis force sensors to guide advanced robotics when applying pressure in bonding applications or removing masking layers, and torque sensors to drive screws. These technologies help with delicate material handling.

In-Process Component Weighing

Our automation systems can include dead nest weighing stations where final products are weighed to meet predefined client standards. By transmitting accurate weight data through networks at high speeds, our systems ensure maximum throughput and high quality.

Excise & Attach

We have designed and built excise and attach systems that die-cut and attach nozzles with 10μm accuracy to semiconductor wafers using multiple 150μm adhesive dots with 20μm accuracy. Our systems are also capable of rapidly cutting and inserting 5mil wires into 10mil diameter holes. These flexible systems utilize vision technologies to locate components, multifunctional grippers to interface with custom load cells to transfer components bewteen processes, and recipe-driven custom control software.


Our lamination systems employ multiple subsystems including label applicators, laminating nests, laminating rollers, input & output cassettes, pick & place actuators, and reject handling systems. Our systems have been deployed in semiconductor applications and fan-out technology enablement.


We specialize in electroprocessing medical implant devices to anodize interior surfaces for color coding, prepare surfaces for final coating, or improve porosity for bonding.


Our high-speed assembly systems orient, assemble, swage, and inspect components at a rate of 1.25 seconds per assembly. Using custom control software, the automated processes are recipe driven based on client and product requirements, sorting and binning final products onto packaging lines and reject bins.


Laser Engraving and Assembly System

A medical device manufacturer needed an automated system to laser engrave and assemble titanium vial and cap components.

Microfluidic Connector Assembly

A medical device manufacturer needed an automated system to assemble and laminate two microfluidic subassemblies.

Ultra-Precision Excise and Attach System

A semiconductor manufacturer needed an automated system to excise individual nozzle plates from a reel of input material and accurately attach the nozzles to a silicon wafer.

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