High-Speed Metrology

Our systems and solutions are capable of submicron accuracy and repeatability to meet your challenging GRR standards. 

We design and develop advanced, automated, non-contact metrology solutions that help ensure superior quality and maximize throughput.

Non-Contact Inspections

Using our proprietary lighting, strobe controllers, and sequencing software, we routinely deliver systems capable of inspecting parts traveling at 250 millimeters per second with 2μm accuracy and 10% GRR. Our solutions sort and bin parts based on measurement results, and include non-marring part handling capabilities for delicate parts, such as ESD devices and medical implants.

Multi-Sensor 3D Data Measurements

We have deployed systems with more than 15 sensors that rapidly gather both 2D and 3D data to enable low GRR, perform simultaneous measurements, and decrease cost and footprint.

Bore & Thread Inspections

Our systems provide advanced measurement capabilities to inspect bores and internal features critical to the aerospace, automotive, medical device, and oil and gas industries.

In-Situ Measurements

We have experience measuring parts as they are being manufactured, enabling process feedback for high-yield, quality production.


Automated Flex Circuit Bonding

A consumer products manufacturer needed an automated system to bond and inspect flex circuits in under two minutes per press.

Automated Wafer Metrology Tool

A semiconductor manufacturer needed an automated metrology tool to detect and measure laser-cut trenches on silicon wafers with accuracies down to 1μm.

Precision Vision Inspection System

A consumer product manufacturer needed a high-accuracy, automated vision system to perform 100% inspection of structural adhesive patterns and die placement on a production line.

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