Defect Detection & Classification

Our custom, high-speed, automated inspection systems identify and classify micron-level defects and surface flaws across a wide range of materials, including transparent and translucent materials.

We design and develop solutions that help optimize upstream processes, improve product quality, and avoid costly device recalls before products reach consumers.

Package Seal Inspection

Our systems perform defect inspection and classification for Class 3 medical device seals and labels across different material types, such as Poly-Poly and Poly-Tyvek. We inspect packages moving at 250 millimeters per second with 11 pixel² resolution machine vision cameras, custom strobe lighting, and deep learning software to capture 50μm diameter defects.

Label Inspection

We design and build ultra-precise systems with a combination of high-performance machine vision, multiple robots, and sophisticated custom software to print, place, and inspect labels with better than 70μm accuracy every 7.5 seconds.

Component Verification

Using multi-sensor vision systems and AI-driven machine learning software, our high-speed solutions inspect complex final assemblies to verify that all components have been properly included and assembled. Our smart systems are trained to recognize correct assemblies and robustly classify defects based on sample images.

Part Defects

Our defect detection systems perform smart inspection of consumer electronics and medical devices in seconds using automatic orientation to precisely place parts without marring part surfaces. Advanced machine vision and custom strobe lighting is integrated with deep learning algorithms to detect micron-level cosmetic defects on glossy, shiny, and rough surfaces.

Classify & Bin

Not only can we sort and bin both good and bad products, but our systems feature deep learning software and advanced machine vision capable of classifying defects to sort products based on the type of defect.


Automated Flex Circuit Bonding

A consumer products manufacturer needed an automated system to bond and inspect flex circuits in under two minutes per press.

Surgical Auto-Loading and Inspection System

A medical device manufacturer needed an automated system to place surgical staple cartridges into packaging.

Precision Vision Inspection System

A consumer product manufacturer needed a high-accuracy, automated vision system to perform 100% inspection of structural adhesive patterns and die placement on a production line.

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