Advanced Material Handling

Highly repeatable and non-marring material handling are hallmarks of our custom-designed systems.

We are experts in advanced material handling. Our inspection, process and assembly automation systems utilize the precise coordinated motion of materials across multiple degrees of freedom that is guided by vision and sensor subsystems, and powered by custom software. 

Multi-Axis Systems

Our engineers design and manufacture complex automation systems with multi-axis arms and motion feedback, increasing flexibility and repeatability capabilities, to measure complex geometries such as bores, undercuts, spheres, organic shapes, and chamfers.

Vision and Sensor Feedback

We use machine vision feedback systems to precisely orient components within single-digit microns and microradians. Through-beam transmitters and receivers ensure chucks are clear before loading new parts, while identification lasers confirm parts remain stable on conveyors, and barcode readers scan part IDs to enable recipe-driven process customization.

Air Bearings

We developed our ZeroTouch® platform utilizing air bearings, which improve the system’s precision, repeatability, and position accuracy by reducing friction and providing an extremely smooth motion of precision stages at a high speed.

Micro-Precision Applications

We regularly design and build automation systems with vision and laser measurement systems that approach 50μm dimensional tolerances with submicron repeatability. Automated precision dispense solutions is one of our specialities, where we can achieve dispensing speeds of 150 milliseconds per placement with 20μm repeatability.

Wafer Handling

Our flexible wafer handling systems detect and measure trenches in silicon wafers with less than 1μm accuracy, while our laminating systems produce completed assemblies at a rate of 9 seconds per lamination.


Medical Implant Inspection

A medical device manufacturer needed to measure multiple types of medical implants and small parts, including screws, hooks and connectors.

Robotic Wire Weaving

An industrial manufacturing client needed an automated system to wrap wires around cast iron metal disks, producing at least five discs per day.

Wafer Metrology Tool

A semiconductor manufacturer needed an automated metrology tool to detect and measure laser-cut trenches on silicon wafers with accuracies down to 1μm.

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