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​In 1973, Dennis Fritz had a vision of creating a company of problem solvers. With his background in machine design and mechanical engineering, he founded DWFritz Automation. The company later became a leader in high-speed, high-precision automation. Dennis’ core values of honesty, integrity, continuous improvement, collaboration, and “wowing” clients, plus some good humor, serve as the foundation for the company today.


In the mid-1980s...

…DWFritz Automation had the opportunity to partner with Hewlett Packard on their innovative ink jet technologies. This relationship was so successful that eventually HP began outsourcing multiple projects to DWFritz as their own business grew.


By the late 1990s...

…Dennis’ son, Mike, joined the company to work on business development, operations, and strategy. By the early 2000s, DWFritz was focusing its attention on building the highly precise automated systems that we produce today — trademarking the concept Microns and Milliseconds. The company soon entered the consumer electronics market.


From 2007 to the present...

…Mike took over as CEO, strengthening DWFritz’s unique capabilities of delivering high-speed, high-volume precision automation solutions for advanced manufacturing. DWFritz’s strong leadership team is focused on client relationship building, while promoting an environment where strategic thinkers can solve the toughest precision automation challenges.

DWFritz Precision Automation is now a global company with 500+ people and our team continues to wow our customers by building brilliant solutions that we are proud of.

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With manufacturing facilities located in the U.S. and China, DWFritz provides exceptional global support services.

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