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Precision Automation Experts in high speed assembly and automated inspection equipment

We offer automation engineering services for the design/build of custom and standard-platform automation equipment with expertise in system engineering, software engineering, and project management. Our focus is in two main areas:


We are experts at creating a variety of  automated inspection and metrology machines, including defect and surface flaw detection and dimensional metrology, all specified to maximize fast cycle time and high throughput. Our products and machines are capable of sub-micron accuracy and nanometer level repeatability, and meet challenging gage R&R standards. We develop robust systems that utilize different technologies and are capable of the following: 

  • 120 inspections per 90 seconds, 10% gage capable
  • 4 parts per second, 30 measurement per part, 10% gage capable, 50-micron tolerances
  • 2 micron fixture repeatability, less than 1 second per measurement, 2-micron accuracy
  • High precision three-dimensional (3D) metrology and simultaneous inspection of an object from different perspectives with sub-micron repeatability


We automate high volume, high-speed final assembly needs, and specialize in smaller components or assemblies in areas such as industrial and consumer goods, medical devices, MEMS and other products. We have expertise in 3-axis, 4-axis, and 6-axis robots, including SCARA, flexpicker, wafer and industrial robots. Standard platform or serialized machines are available in specific applications. Examples of what our assembly systems have achieved include:

  • Feed, assemble, swage, inspect 1.2 connectors per second
  • Align, insert, shear 4 (0.0056") wires per second
  • 1.5 seconds per insertion, +/- 50 micron accuracy
  • 400-micron glue dot, 20-micron repeatability, 150 milliseconds per dot