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Ultra Precision Excise and Attach Machine

Attach small, flexible parts with 1.5-micron accuracy at 1.5 seconds per part


high precision automation equipment for excise and attach of small parts.This system precisely excises small plastic parts from supply reels and attaches them to silicon wafers using a UV curable adhesive. High-performance machine vision and precision motion components enable ultra-precision alignments between the parts and wafer. A robot with a dual wafer gripper automatically moves wafers between the processing table, input cassette, and a UV flood station. The machine is fully guarded with two zones of HEPA filtration.



Technical Specifications
Control System:

Custom real time software written in C running on Windows XP. Two industrial PCs.

Servo Control:

19 axes of servo motion. Galil motion control cards integrated with Primatics amplifiers. Long-life linear guide bearing stages and precision ball screws. Glass scale linear encoders help achieve sub-micron positioning accuracy.

Operator Interface:

Graphical user interface written in C#. Can be operated with either touch screen monitors or keyboard and mouse.

Discrete I/O:

Distributed I/O with high speed serial communication simplifies cable routing and locates the I/O point close to the physical devices.

Machine Vision:

Five vision systems overall. Three custom optics systems utilizing Sony cameras provide images to Cognex 8000 series vision cards. These vision systems provide feedback to motion controllers for alignment operations. Two Cognex Insight cameras are used for reading wafer IDs and detecting reject parts. Custom vision software is written in C .

Material Handling:

An ISEL robot with a custom gripper and an ISEL Wafer Aligner are used to manipulate the wafers in process. Custom hardware and precision Primatics motion stages are used to transfer parts from the punch to the wafer.


Automated reel handling and splicing of tension controlled 35mm film-like material. Custom vision identifies, rejects, and locates parts for excise. The parts are accurately punched to within /- 10um of ideal.


Parts are aligned to the wafer within /- 1.5um with Cpk of 1.5. The parts are accurately punched to within /- 10um of ideal.


1.5 seconds per attach. With wafer handling and other machine overhead, yields more than 21,000 parts per 10 hour shift.


Precision high-magnification telecentric optics with coaxial lighting. Dual cameras are used for imaging two separate optical targets through a single lens. Long working (standoff) distance enhances depth-of-field. Quick-change optical fixturing provides for product reconfiguration.


Two computers (excise & attach) to maximize machine vision performance. Real-time operating systems for machine control. Highly configurable custom user interface.


Class 1000 cleanroom.

Wafer Tracking:

Custom software written in C# and coupled with a wafer ID station. Once the wafer ID is found, a map of the locations to be processed is downloaded from a central database and associated with that wafer throughout the process.


Parts are inspected at the excise station and checked again at a prealign station for punch quality. The alignment of the attached parts is checked after every attach and can also be inspected after the wafer has been processed in a dedicated inspection mode.

Pick and Place:

A compliant pick head transfers parts to the attach location and provides inherent product damage protection. Dynamic feedback from the placement head provides data for measuring the height of the attachment location on every placement.


Fully guarded and interlocked. CE certified.

Adhesive Dispensing:

Simultaneous deposit of two 150-400um diameter adhesive drops (product dependent) one die ahead of the part at the attach location. Drop diameter and position controlled to better than ± 20 microns.


No physical damage to wafer or part. Statistical accuracy data on every part.

Database Storage:

Microsoft Access database.


extremely accurate automated attachment equipment sub-micron accuracy in automation equipment