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Ultra-Precise Substrate Labeler

Prints and Places Labels with 70-Micron Accuracy Every 7.5 Seconds


High-Precision Automated Substrate LabelerThis ultra-precise system prints and accurately applies high-resolution bar-coded labels to both sides of a glass substrate using a combination of high-performance machine vision, multiple robots and sophisticated custom software.

Glass substrates coated with bio-medical samples are loaded into the system via carrier cassettes. The system scans the cassette to ensure there are no cross-slotted substrates, retrieves a substrate using a Genmark GRex3 robot, and places it onto a vacuum nest. A laser-ablated 2D matrix code on the substrate is used to determine the correct labels to print for the batch. The labels are printed and inspected, then picked using an Epson G6-450 SCARA robot fitted with a custom end-effector, and inspected again. The robot then makes positioning adjustments in relation to established fiducials prior to each placement. The system is capable of placement accuracy of +/- 70 microns.

Once the top-side of the substrate has been labeled, the system flips the substrate and places a second set of labels on the reverse side, achieving a front/back label registration of +/- 150 microns.

Control System:

Microsoft Windows 7.

Operator Interface: Custom graphical user interface (GUI) written in C# .NET
Operator Station: 19" Ergo-Mounted Touchscreen with mouse and keyboard
Environment: Cleanroom, Class 100 or above
Vision Hardware: 2MP Basler Camera (x2) 5MP JAI Camea (x1) using GigE Vision standard
Optics 25mm Fujinon/75mm Fujinon/0.5x 110WD Moritex
Vision Software: Cognex VisionPro Software
Substrate Robot: Genmark GRex3
Label Placement Robot: Epson G6-450 SCARA
Label Placement Accuracy: +/- 70 microns
Front-Side/Back-Side Label Registration: +/- 150 microns
Label Print Resolution: 600 dpi
TAKT Time: 7.5 seconds


Custom automation designed for high speed assembly and precision placement