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Six-Axis Automated Inspection System

Automatically inspect a wide variety of parts with 2-micron accuracy and 10% Gage R&R

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This automated inspection system enables high-throughput measurement/metrology of many different types of implants/small parts (screws, hooks, connectors, etc) using high-performance machine vision, a high-precision six-axis robot, and sophisticated software.

After parts are presented to the tool in trays of 25-100, the robot picks up the parts and positions them in front of two high-resolution cameras fitted with telecentric lenses. Using Cognex Vision Pro tools and custom software, multiple dimensions are captured and used to accept or reject the part. Rejected parts are placed in a different tray.  This tool enables statistical tracking and NIST traceable accuracy with “gold standard” parts. 

Key attributes:

  • Almost any external dimension (thread profile, radius, length, width, diameter, hole size, etc) can be measured. Depth measurement and other non-external requirements can be integrated using other measurement devices.
  • Normal pass/fail optical comparator inspections can be performed with numeric data as a result, in addition to pass/fail.
  • Automated calibration and verification for robot and vision system.
  • Multiple end-effectors enable 10-second automated changeover based on operator entered part type.
  • Sorting of parts depending on inspection results.
  • Recipe-based inspection of parts.
  • Ability to upload data electronically to statistical quality management system.
  • Optical character verification for laser etching.


Technical Specifications
Machine Vision:

Two high-performance, high-resolution Cognex cameras with telecentric lenses.


Ultra-precision, six-axis Denso robot.

Control System:

Custom design, Windows-based.

Operator Interface:

Custom GUI in Visual Basic, using Vision Pro Quick Start.


Varies depending on the type of part and the number of dimensions to measure. Typical parts are less than one second per measurement.


Better than two microns is achievable, depending on the feature.


Better than two microns when calibrated to a NIST traceable grid (supplied).


Stringent gauge R&R studies have shown that reproducibility is excellent.


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