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Project Library

Automated Wafer Metrology System

Solves challenges posed by bowed wafers and achieves less than 1-micron accuracy in 3-D.

Automated Flex Circuit Bonding & Inspection System

Attaches and bonds a flex circuit to a substrate with 20-micron accuracy. Also processes different products simultaneously.

Precision Part Inspection System

0.2-micron fixture repeatability provides ability to take 500 measurements across 9 process steps.

High Pressure Thermal Bonding System

Achieve precise ± 0.5°C thermal uniformity and ± 1 psi pressure control with this fully automated thermal bonding system.

High-Speed Connector Assembly Machine

Assemble, swage, and inspect a connector every 1.25 seconds.

Laser Marking & Assembly System

Automatically orient, assemble, and laser-mark titanium medical devices.

Precision Adhesive Dispensing Machine

Apply three (3) micro-dots per second with 25-micron accuracy.

Ultra-Sensitive Pressure and Flow Testing Machine

Test and inspect medical device performance under a controlled environment.


Ultra-Precise Substrate Labeler

Prints and places labels with 70-micron accuracy every 7.5 seconds.

Microfluidic Assembly System

Assemble and laminate >30,000 medical microfluidic subassemblies per month with an accuracy of +/- 50 microns

Automated Epoxy Dispensing System

Precisely Dispense 2-Part Epoxy Into Battery Module



Six-Axis Automated Inspection System

Automatically inspect a wide variety of parts with 2-micron accuracy and 10% Gage R&R.


Ultra Precision Excise and Attach Machine

Attach small, flexible parts with 1.5-micron accuracy at 1.5 seconds per part

High Speed Syringe Assembly Machine

Lubricate & assemble medical syringes in under 2 seconds.