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Precision Adhesive Dispensing Machine

Apply three (3) micro-dots per second with 25-micron accuracy.

automated high precision dispensing equipment

This system applies adhesive onto a substrate at a very high rate of speed and with micron-level precision. This sophisticated process tool uses high performance machine vision and precision motion control to apply small glue dots (300-micron diameter) to the surface of a wafer.

Wafers are loaded via cassette or single station, then placed on the X-Y stage using a Brooks/PRI wafer handling robot. An integral vision system dynamically inspects dot size and location during the process.


Technical Specifications
Handling Robot:

Equipe/PRI Automation.

Control System:

Windows NT™ with RTX real time extension; custom control program in C™.

Operator Interface:

Custom multi-screen operator interface written in C ™.

Wafer Tracking:

Cognex® OCR system to read wafer serial number.

Servo Control:

Galil® four-axis motion control.


Class 10,000 clean room.

Discrete I/O:

Approximately 144 I/O points.


Three (3) dots/second.

Vision System:

Cognex® with Melles Griot optics.


± 25-micron placement accuracy.

Key Attributes:

High speed, high precision glue dispensing with vision inspection. Inspection data written to a log associated with the wafer.


inspection of precision dispensing