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Laser Assembly System

Precisely align, assemble, and laser-weld tiny parts in 3 seconds. Inspect them, too.


This machine orients, assembles, laser-welds, and inspects small parts for the high-tech electronics industry. Bulk components are operator-loaded into each of two vibratory bowls. Multiple, singulated components from the bowl feeders are picked, oriented via a Cognex vision system, and then precisely placed in a vacuum nest on a rotating index table. Prior to laser-welding, sensors inspect each assembly for missing or misaligned parts. At the laser welder, an interlocked metal shroud lowers before the components are permanently welded by an 810-nm laser beam.

Parts exiting the welder are indexed beneath a vision camera for optical inspection, then automatically inspected for planarity by a custom-designed Heidenhain gauge array. Failed assemblies are automatically ejected into a reject bin, while verified assemblies are sorted by nest I.D. into bins on a rotating output tray. The entire system is controlled by a single PC running Microsoft.NET C , with user input via a keyboard and touch-sensitive LCD panel display.

The entire assembly, weld, and inspection process is user-configurable via custom screens at the user interface. Operator attention is limited to loading raw materials, unloading the output tray and reject bin, and acknowledging any error conditions as reported by the system software.

Technical Specifications
Control System:

Industrial PC running Windows XP.

Servo Control:

Smart-Motor (4X).

Operator Interface:

Touch-Sensitive screens designed in C#.

Discrete I/O:


Machine Vision:





Heidenhain gauge array.

Pick and Place:

Custom design, fed by vibratory bowls (2X).


Branson laser power supply and diode enclosure.


Fully guarded and interlocked enclosure. Fully shielded laser with fail-safe interlock protection.


automated laser welding system for small parts