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High Speed Syringe Assembly Machine

Lubricate & assemble syringes in less than 2 seconds


High speed automated assembly machine to lubricate & assemble medical syringes The syringe assembly tool automatically orients, lubricates, assembles, and then outputs medical syringes to a packaging line. Bulk components are operator-loaded into four vibratory bowls grouped around a rotary index table. Critical parts are inspected by machine vision, with failed components automatically rejected before entering the assembly process. Parts arriving from the vibratory bowls are held in dead nests, where pneumatic actuators with custom grippers transfer singulated parts to pneumatic nests on the 10-station index table.

Component assembly is staged in the nests on the index table. Critical parts are automatically lubricated prior to assembly, with the completed syringe tested on a load cell. Failed assemblies are pneumatically ejected into a reject bin, while completed syringe assemblies are accumulated and then output into trays on a packaging line. The system outputs a completed syringe every two seconds. Operator attention is typically required only to maintain supplies in the vibratory bowls, and to respond to any operating errors generated during the process.

high speed automated assembly machines


Technical Specifications
Control System and User Interface:

Custom touch-sensitive user interface designed in MS Visual Studio, C#, and .NET, running on an industrial computer.

Machine Safety:

Light curtain safety system. Machine cannot be operated while light curtain is interrupted.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing.


<2 seconds per assembly.

Material Handling:

Vibratory bowls and tracks supplying components to custom pneumatic pick-and-place assemblies. Pneumatic part nests on 10-station index table. Line output via 5-up gripper assembly moving on a servo-driven slide.


High speed automated assembly machine to lubricate &amp; assemble medical syringes