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High-Speed Connector Assembly Machine

Assemble, swage, and inspect a connector every 1.25 seconds.


automatic high speed assembly machine This high speed assembly tool orients, assembles, swages and inspects electrical connectors at a rate of 1.25 seconds per assembly. Bulk parts are manually loaded into vibratory bowls on the left-hand side of the machine, where parts are then oriented and singulated before entering the machine enclosure.

Inside the enclosure, turret-mounted pick-and-place tools load arriving components into pneumatic collets carried in nests on a 10-station rotary index table. As the table rotates, components are automatically swaged, vision inspected, and then tested before being unloaded to the packaging line. Failed components are automatically removed to a reject bin near the operator station.

The entire process is recipe driven from a custom touch-screen interface. Part changeover can be completed in under ten minutes, and requires little more than replacing part adapter components at the nests and selecting a new recipe at the user interface.

Technical Specifications
Control System:

PC-based controls system running on Microsoft Windows XP operating platform. Custom-designed touch sensitive user interface.

Material Handling:

Parts supplied via vibratory bowls and tracks. Part feed by escapement and pick and place. Parts pro-cessed at 10 stations on rotary index table.

Operator Interface:

Touch-sensitive screens designed in C#.


Approximately 1.25 seconds cycle time per part.


Part placement and swage quality confirmed by machine vision. Assembly process verified by load cell.

Pick and Place:

Custom designed turrets, fed by vibratory bowls (2X).


All moving machinery contained within fully interlocked enclosure. No operator access while control power is active.  Parts can be safely fed while machine is running.