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High Pressure Thermal Bonding System

Achieve precise ± 0.5°C thermal uniformity and ± 1 psi pressure control with this fully automated thermal bonding system.


automated thermal bonding systemAccepts and tracks pre-processed wafers via manual or shuttle loading system. Machine confirms wafer presence and orientation, then applies controlled heat and pressure over specified time period in one of four (4) press chambers in the machine. Completed wafers are sorted to output cassettes for operator removal.


Technical Specifications
Control System:

Industrial computer running Windows XP. Custom control system in C .

Operator Interface:

Custom screens in C# on Windows platform.


Class 1,000 Cleanroom.


± 0.5 deg C temperature uniformity, ± 1 PSI pressure control.


Four (4) wafers processed simultaneously. Cycle time is process dependent.


Meets proprietary process requirements.

Database Storage:

Access database.

Wafer Tracking:

Automatic wafer tracking of wafers received from upstream machine. Option to add ID reader for manually loaded wafers.

Wafer Handling Robot:

ISEL 3-Axis.


Pneumatic shuttle mechanism for wafer transfer.

Temperature Control:

Watlow Controllers with custom cast heater chucks: Process specification maintained within ≤1°C with 0.5 deg C uniformity across the wafer chuck.


Full enclosure with interlocked door panels.