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Automated Epoxy Dispensing System

Precisely Dispense 2-Part Epoxy Into Battery Module


Automated dispensing system for high speed assembly.This automated system precisely dispenses a two-part epoxy into propriety battery modules for the automotive industry. The battery modules and their carriers are loaded one at a time onto a rotary dial using an external Fanuc 6-axis robot.  During the loading process, the RFID tag located on the bottom of the module carrier is scanned. The rotary dial then rotates 180 degrees, moving the module and its carrier into the dispense chamber where a barcode reader scans a barcode and provides updated information to the factory MES.  Next, a Cognex Insight IS7050 vision system attached to the gantry-mounted dispense head precisely locates fiducials on the module to accurately determine the module’s position. The gantry then moves the dispense needle to each location and dispenses the appropriate amount of the two-part epoxy at a rate of 1.4 ml/sec without drips or spills in accordance to a user-programmable recipe that includes X/Y coordinates, dispense volumes and needle insertion depth. To ensure accuracy, a precision automatic shot weigh check system is used to calibrate dispense volumes and an optical sensor is used to accurately locate the tip of the dispense needle.

Control System Rockwell PLC and Panelview HMI
Operator Interface Allen-Bradley PLC touch screen mounted in the floor-standing electrical control panel
Environment Full safety enclosure with interlocked doors
Machine Vision Cognex Insight IS7050
Gantry NSK X/Y/Z
Accuracy 10% of shot size
Weight Check System Mettler Toledo MonoBloc scale
Dispense Hardware EMC2
Dispense Rate 1.4 ml/second

Automated dispensing system for high speed assembly.