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Advanced Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Input parts at a rate of 40 per minute while simultaneously outputting 140 per minute.  Stores from 10,000 to 250,000 parts.


automated storage and retrieval systemStores and retrieves production parts for aging, testing, or optimization of production flow. Allows parts to be grouped into multiple batches; internal database handles all part information including time stamp for accurate retrieval by age.

The system uses sophisticated logic to pre-stage parts for faster input and output based upon upcoming demands.


Technical Specifications
Control System:

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix.

Operator Interface:

CTC-P2 and CTC-P1 touch screens with custom displays.


Internal, non-volatile storage of all product data.

Servo Control:

Allen-Bradley SERCOS based drives and motors (4 axes).

Discrete I/O:

Approximately 250 I/O points (Flex I/O on RIO).

Pick And Place:

Single boom with dual pick and place heads.


0.1 mm on all 4 axes.


Flex-Link XM-series.

Storage Capacity:

10,000 - 250,000 depending on part size.


Simultaneous input of 40 PPM and output of 140 PPM.


Designed for 24/7/365 operation with 99.6% uptime.