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As the Precision Automation Experts™, we do our best work with microns and milliseconds. Our engineers have expertise designing and building high-speed assembly and inspection systems that integrate machine vision, advanced robotics, precision dispensing and motion control, as well as lasers, material handling, and insertion.

Systems Engineering

DWFritz is an automation company that designs and builds high speed assembly and inspection automation machinesThe systems engineering team at DWFritz is world-class. This diverse group uses a consultative, collaborative approach to solving unique and complex automation challenges. This team, with very broad industry backgrounds, combines strong listening, mechanical know-how, and structured questioning to ensure robust solutions that are built to last.


Software Engineering

Custom software drives the custom automation equipment for high speed assembly and inspectionOur software engineering group represents the best in the industry when it comes to programming sophisticated automation systems. These engineers are skilled in innovative approaches to solving complex vision challenges, and leverage extensive programming libraries to rapidly integrate software solutions with multiple vision platforms, including Cognex, Keyence, and others. They develop exceptional, user-specific, custom GUI's that make the complex seem simple and intuitive. This team takes projects from initial analysis of client needs through component selection, control software planning and programming, hands-on test and debug, to installation.


Project Management

Professional project managers oversee the design and build of custom precision automation equipmentWe employ a superior project management discipline. Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager and project team comprised of senior mechanical engineers, controls software engineers, vision engineers, and a complete support team. Our Project Managers follow a structured process, leveraging a proprietary resource planning tool. Resource loading and leveling is reviewed weekly, engineering and manufacturing capacity with contract partners is closely managed, and client design reviews and comprehensive Risk Avoidance and Mitigation reviews are vigorously aligned to ensure every project stays on track. Clients receive detailed communication weekly and you are an integral part of all acceptance testing (internal acceptance, factory acceptance, site acceptance) to ensure your machines or systems are delivered as specified and with no surprises.