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SplitVis™: One Machine Vision Camera Does The Work Of Two

As amazing as the human eye is, it is unable to simultaneously see in two opposite directions. To accomplish this feat, you either have to be a superhero or creatively use mirrors. The same is true for machine vision; a camera can only see in one direction unless some form of reflection is used. This is the simple-yet-brilliant concept behind SplitVis™ technology.

SplitVis™ was conceived during the machine design phase for a system from DWF Products. It was necessary for the system to simultaneously “see” a micro fastener and press head as well as the hole into which the fastener would be inserted. Using multiple cameras was one option, but that would have added cost and taken space. So the engineers found a better way and SplitVis™ was born.

As highlighted in the drawing at right, SplitVis™ ingeniously uses just one camera and a series of angled mirrors to accomplish the task of simultaneously verifying the location of both the fastener and hole. The camera points to a single mirror angled at 45°, which then uses another set of mirrors, both angled at opposing 45° angles, to capture both an upward view of the micro fastener and press head, and a downward view of the aperture, giving the system a dual view from which to compute any necessary adjustments and ensure accurate insertion. When alignment is confirmed, the housing containing the second mirror array retracts so the press head can insert the micro fastener.

SplitVis™ is patent-pending. All rights reserved.