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Scenes From A Show

A team from DWFritz just returned from exhibiting at Automate 2013 in Chicago, IL. The show was hot, the weather was not; with wind chill driving the temperature down to -18, it was a bit of a shock to people from the more moderate climate of the Pacific Northwest!  This was our first foray to this particular show, so we opted for a smaller footprint which served us well. We brought a demo machine showing the automated insertion of micro fasteners called TackPinsTM, and people seemed both surprised and impressed with how tiny the TackPins really are and how well we are able to handle such small parts. It was a big attention-getter and really highlighted our expertise in the precision space.


The show featured a lot of big robots demonstrating their capabilities, like this one lifting train wheels and axle, and multi-tasking robots like Baxter from Rethink Robotics (as seen on 60 Minutes).  Additionally there were many manufacturers of vision and optics, sensors, motion control, and other related components showing their latest technologies - about 175 exhibitors in all. Attendee traffic was up over 40% from the last Automate show in 2011, which speaks well for the growing automation industry and future business. The show is held every 2 years and we're already looking forward to Automate 2015!