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Blog (2014)

Good Vibrations? Maybe Not.

Vibration affects productivity through its impact on the accuracy, repeatability, and throughput of precision manufacturing equipment. As vibration is minimized, system accuracy and repeatability will increase. It may not be possible to completely eliminate all vibration from the environment, but much can be controlled with careful machine design up front that considers all potential sources of vibration and incorporates the appropriate neutralizing techniques.

Kinematics in Fixturing Design

Understanding and applying kinematics in fixturing design goes a long way to improving repeatability and accuracy. Read more and see examples.

SplitVis™: One Machine Vision Camera Does The Work Of Two

SplitVis™ technology is the ingenious concept that makes it possible for one machine vision camera to do the work of two by creatively using angled mirrors. This saves both cost and space in automated machine design.