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Our technology experience is applied in a wide range of applications, whether in standardized product or custom machine form.


automated precision inspection and metrology systems



Our systems can detect and measure laser-cut features on both sides of a wafer with less than 1-micron of accuracy. We also perform cosmetic and dimensional inspections, achieving 2-micron fixture repeatability at less than 1-second per measurement and better than 2-micron accuracy.












We develop systems to process micro-wire as small as 0.125mm diameter, including precision insertion, coiling, wrapping, alignment and cutting. For example, we insert 142-micron wire into multiple 0.2mm diametrically opposed holes at 4 per second.















automated dispensing equipment

We design and build sophisticated machines that dispense viscous and non-viscous liquids with high precision, volume control and placement. As an example, we can repeatedly apply 300-micron glue dots at a rate of 3 per second with 25-micron accuracy.