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DWFritz designs and builds custom automation systems for high speed assembly and inspection

We engineer-to-order automation systems for advanced manufacturing. Our core purpose is to create brilliant solutions. We specialize in design/build of precision inspection & assembly equipment using intelligent motion control, vision & robotics. We design, integrate, and manufacture systems scalable from custom one-off projects to standardized machines in the hundreds. We apply a long-term view to our automation solutions, resulting in systems that are robust, reliable, and built to last. We are located just south of Portland, Oregon.

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We produce results due to diverse, experienced management and engineering teams. With over 40 years of experience in engineering and automation services, we are able to harness knowledge and horsepower to deliver elegant and robust designs, consistently on time. When you partner with us, we will own your problem - plain and simple, from concept-to-delivery and global support to follow. Our consultative and collaborative approach will allow us to look beyond your original requirements and deliver unexpected, added value.

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